Privacy Policy

The Legal Representative of Caremoli Spa, having regard to the EU regulation 679: 2016 on treatment and protectionof personal data, considering that Caremoli Spa, having an independent decision-making power, mustto be considered the holder of the processing of personal data, Caremoli Spa must provide and apply the minimum security measures by the aforementioned Regulation, issues and adopts this Policy Privacy.

Caremoli Spa professionally treats personal or third-party personal data in the following sectors:"Production, storage, mixing, packaging of ingredients, additives and flavorings products for the food industry ".Caremoli Spa, collects and processes personal data of the subjects involved in the processes of production and supply, even with the help of external subjects.

In this context, the Privacy Policy Regulation EU 679: 2016, represents a non-deferrable commitment, to be faced with priority and high professionalism. It is the intention of Data Processing Owners to always respond to the minimum security standard of treatments provided by the Regulation. Once these obligations have been fulfilled and the related documents have been drafted, the Policy of the Privacy is directed to develop the criteria applied to data processing, in terms of productive and qualitative investments for the improvement of the activity.

This objective is made possible thanks to appropriate operational decisions on the following processes:

  • maintenance of the data processing and protection system

  • continuous updating of technical and IT tools

  • synergies with other organizational systems (that may be present)

  • professional training programs

The Manual for the Processing and Protection of Personal Data issued by the Company indicates the scope of data processing, identifies and describes the necessary processes and their interactions, as well as the minimum measures taken to prevent and reduce the risks identified.The Data Processor has the responsibility and the authority to ensure the compliance with what expected.The persons in charge of the individual data processing activities, identified in this document, are directly responsible and involved for the implementation of the prescriptions foreseen in the areas within its competence.

The Management undertakes:

  • in defining the policies and objectives for data processing

  • in setting up activities and making resources available

  • in the maintenance and continuous improvement of the performances

The management structure, with its approach to improving performance, favors sharing the objectives of all employees and colleagues through a gradual and constant progress. A periodic review verifies the correspondence to the needs of the resources and the internal communication necessary to ensure that the system created for the processing of data is maintained and adapted to the evolution of the activities.

Data processing policy Caremoli Spa has identified in the processing of personal data one of the determining factors of success and its objective is to maintain a high reputation in terms of safety and quality of data treatments, in Compliance with the following principles:

  • management assumes a leadership and control role in achieving the objectives

  • dynamic annual definition of objectives for continuous improvement

  • precise application of the Manual and of the defined measures

  • compliance with current laws and contractual clauses